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La toupie is real

posted 8 Feb 2012, 10:24 by Jerome Collas   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 08:26 ]

The spinning top [La Toupie] of the estate exists.

It has been handed down from father to son in Jérôme’s family, and rediscovered  one day in the back of an attic…….. It is a gyroscopic spinning top, once in motion, it keeps its balance whatever may be the angle of rotation of the axis.

The gyrometer is a measuring device, put in planes to indicate a constant direction thanks to the axis around which it turns. The Foucault or Bohnenberger gyroscope has been used in the study of the conic movement of the equinoxes, that is, the slow direction change of the axis of the equinoxes and the axis of rotation of the earth.