La toupie is real

posted 8 Feb 2012, 10:24 by Jerome Collas   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 08:26 ]

The spinning top [La Toupie] of the estate exists.

It has been handed down from father to son in Jérôme’s family, and rediscovered  one day in the back of an attic…….. It is a gyroscopic spinning top, once in motion, it keeps its balance whatever may be the angle of rotation of the axis.

The gyrometer is a measuring device, put in planes to indicate a constant direction thanks to the axis around which it turns. The Foucault or Bohnenberger gyroscope has been used in the study of the conic movement of the equinoxes, that is, the slow direction change of the axis of the equinoxes and the axis of rotation of the earth.

Dimanche 5 février 2012 : snow is here...

posted 8 Feb 2012, 10:11 by Jerome Collas   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 08:28 ]

It is cold ….. after several hours of pruning with Marc, we return home to get warm. Corinne’s meal invigorates us. But we must leave, there remains a block of Grenache Gris at the so called Roubials to be cleaned up. Luck is with us, this block is exposed to the South, sheltered from the Tramontane. Let’s go!

But snow is falling, the flakes getting bigger …. The countryside was transformed in several minutes. We return to the house happily, despite the cold, to have been able to be part of this special happening. 

we are pruning...

posted 28 Dec 2011, 11:30 by Jerome Collas   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 08:30 ]

Pruning starts when leaves are on the ground, generally after a visit from the Tramontane wind, at the start of November. It continues all winter and finishes in March.

Pruning is a special moment to feel the pulse of the vines. For hours, under secateurs, the woody bits of the year are eliminated, keeping only 10 to 12 buds from which, in the next year, new branches grow. 

Long pruning, short pruning, gobelet pruning, double cords, extended gobelet: so many terms define the different methods of shaping the vine. Pruning changes with respect to the vigour of the grape variety and of the sought-after wines.

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