It is occasionally that certain opportunities make the improbable become the real thing.
July 2010: The summer heat, BBQ’s, a good bottle, friends, times conducive to discussions and dreams …… “You have never considered creating your own cellar and vineyard and producing your own wine?” How many times had Jérôme thought about this….but this time, he started really thinking.
July 2011: After some years in Paris at ONIVINS and INAO, then 11 years at the Mont Tauch cellar and vineyard at Tuchan, Jérôme decides to turn the page. He started to search for a parcel of land in the area. The dream was taking shape……
January 2012: After several months of meeting winemakers, coming to know about the different soils, convincing partners, procuring finance……, dream becoming  a reality:  le Domaine la Toupie was born in the foothills of Maury.

The spinning top [La toupie], a state of mind, a way of doing things, a reason for being ….

The cycles of the seasons

A prod, and the spinning top [la toupie] stores up energy. It spins into movement, into an unbalanced state for the time of a rotation.

The winemaker’s life is dictated by the vegetative cycle of the vines. The rest in winter, the sap increase in spring, the vines in vegetation, the grape harvest so waited for, each year this cycle comes about. But the balance is unsettled…… a hale storm, a pruning that has been too radical, a period of the Tramontane wind, and the fate of the harvest plunges. To extract the best from his vines, or, to save the greater part, the winemaker must know how to continually question himself and come up with solutions. To keep a balance, he must remain attentive, inquisitive, open-minded.

Mother Nature

Once put into rotation, the spinning top [la toupie] is capable of defying the laws of gravity. It is the same for Mother Nature who, when nothing goes against her, produces treasures. The winemaker must know how to observe Mother Nature to understand her better, and to intervene only when necessary. He must quite simply help her to give of her best.

The right balance

What is more basic than a spinning top [une toupie]? It is started up, it turns, it stops …… a game so simple, a pleasure always rediscovered. To look for simplicity, isn’t this the key to happiness? To find the right balance in a mouthful of wine, to provoke an emotion, a sensation, a desire to return there …..: it is perhaps that which produces a successful wine.