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The 9 hectares of the La Toupie Estate is made up of 5 land parcels, about 15 km separating the most distant blocks. The wine varieties are made up of 6 types of vines, all adapted to Mediterranean conditions.

  • Grenache Noir on about half of the area [48%]
  • Grenache Gris and Syrah share a third of the area [17% each]
  • Carignan, Mourvèdre and Macabeu cover the rest [6 to 8% each]

The average age of the vines is about 35 years and 5 hectares of the grapes are more than 50 years old. A planting of Grenache Noir of 2 years of age is preparing for the future.

Except for the Syrah, all the other vine varieties are traditionally managed by gobelet pruning. The yields are very low, on average less than 30hl/ha, taking into account the thin soils on the slopes, the age of the vines and the summer dryness. The Tramontane, strong wind from the North which regularly sweeps the valley at more than 100 km/h, aid the drying conditions and lesson the effects of diseases. 

Most of the maintenance tasks are carried out by hand, whether it be the pruning, the maintenance of the soils, the removal of unhealthy buds in Spring, the harvests. The regular and scrupulous surveillance of each land parcel greatly minimizes intervention and ensures a sound quality of grapes up to the harvest.