Le Domaine La Toupie covers 9 ha around the villages of Estagel, Tautavel, Maury and Saint Paul de Fenouillèdes.

Why these vines?
Because they are, at the same time, near to Perpignan and, however, already a little in the middle of nowhere.
Because  the Haut Fenouillèdes area is made up of an  incredibly beautiful countryside.
Because its vineyard abounds in its so special soils within a restricted perimeter around Maury.
Because the region possesses a true wine growing know-how, enabling the production of wines that rival the very best.
Because these land parcels form a strongly identifiable true array of markedly contrasting micro-soils: varying aspects, acidic and limestone soils, low to medium depth, old to very old vines, multiple and apropriate grape varieties, on the hillsides.
Because the vines are full of history, passed on from the former owner whilst surveying them for hours on end.
Because, beyond rational and methodical reflection, there was a desire, an intuition, a love at first sight, all combining to seize the opportunity and  make it happen.

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